Gift Cards for Businesses

Give Your Employees a Professional Massage

Massage can help employees reduce stress and muscle tension, improve sleep quality, and increase productivity. It can also help reduce sick leave and work-related injuries. Show that you care about your employees by giving them a well-deserved gift certificate for a professional massage.

Note: You get discounted prices on gift cards for businesses if you buy at least 10.

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The Perfect Gift for Your Employees

This is a gift your employees will appreciate and benefit from! Give the gift of self-care with professional massage therapy.

Choose between individual treatments of 25, 50, 75, or 100 minutes
Discounted prices on gift cards (excluding VAT)
Valid at all Squeeze clinics in Norway
Gift cards can be obtained physically or digitally
Pay by invoice (EHF or PDF)
1-year validity
*Valid on purchase of at least 10 gift cards

When you order a gift card, you will receive an invoice via EHF or PDF (depending on your choice). The gift cards will then be sent to the specified email address within 48 hours. If you prefer physical gift cards instead of digital ones, they are available for an additional fee of 5 kr per card.

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Would You Like to Give Away a Physical Gift Card?

Do you prefer giving physical gifts? In a digital world, it can be special to receive something tangible. The gift card can be picked up at any of our clinics and is available in the waiting room, ready to be personalized.

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What Is the Difference Between the Different Massages?

25-minute session: Focuses on the neck and back, common problem areas.

50-minute session: Addresses the neck, back, arms, and legs.

100-minute session: A full-body massage, accommodating special problem areas.

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