How Corporate Massage Works

No benefit taxation

Monthly collectible invoice

No binding time

Completely self-catering

1. Receive Price Quotes

Fill in your contact information and receive a non-binding offer for your company.

Mann som sitter på benk med bena i kryss, han venter på massasje

2. Create Business Account

Register employees with their name, email, phone number, and the number of treatments per employee.

3. Employee Creates a User

The employee receives an SMS stating that the company has created a company membership.

4. Enjoy the Massage

Massage treatments can now be booked at the desired time and place among all our clinics.

Employee Benefits that Reduce Sick Leave

Massage from Squeeze gives your employees a mental break and the opportunity to catch up, while increasing efficiency and reducing sick leave. Burnout and musculoskeletal disorders are the biggest causes of sick leave in Norway.

Increases productivity

Reduces stress

Enhances well-being for your employees

The perfect gift

Gift Card for businesses

Is membership not applicable to your company? Gift cards are something your employees are sure to appreciate, and more importantly, something that’s good for them! Give a break through professional massage therapy to your employees.

Choose between treatments of 25, 50, 75, or 100 minutes

Gift cards can be obtained physically or digitally

Valid at all Squeeze clinics in Norway

Pay by invoice (EHF or PDF)

1-year validity

*Valid on purchase of at least 10 gift cards

Thousands of Satisfied Customers

We have a customer score of 9.4 out of 10, based on over 12,500 reviews.

Professional Massage Therapists

Our skilled therapists guarantee a great massage experience at every visit.

Long Opening Hours, Morning to Evening

Our skilled therapists guarantee a great massage experience at every visit

Over 30 Locations in Norway’s Largest Cities

Always close to you — visit one of our many clinics across the largest cities in Norway

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Typical Questions and Answers about Corporate Membership

How can I remove an employee from my company membership?

To delete an employee from the system, go to “our employees” and click on the name of the person to be removed. At the bottom of this page, select “delete employee”, which is highlighted in red. The employee will then be removed and one will no longer be billed for this profile.

Can we as an employer transfer a company membership from one employee to another?

It is not possible to transfer an employee membership as of today. The easiest way to solve this would be to delete the employee, and create a new profile of the other employee. If there are outstanding treatments on the profile, you can contact customer service and we will be able to transfer the treatments to the new profile.

How can I add an employee?

If you want to add more employees to your company, go to “our employees” and select “add employee”. Here you also determine the number of treatments the employee receives and whether the company or employee should be charged for additional treatments beyond the membership.

Can you have a company membership even if you have a sole proprietorship?

For sole proprietorships, the same rules apply as for a business. It will therefore be possible to use the service through the sole proprietorship with the same benefits as a business. Benefit taxation is also waived as long as all employees receive a monthly massage.

What happens to unused treatments?

As a member, all your saved treatments will be available on your profile for 12 months before they expire, as long as your membership is active. If you deactivate your membership, your saved treatments will be available on your member profile for 60 days, from the last massage received before they expire. In the event of an invalid card, saved treatments will expire after 3 months.

When I add an employee I have to choose “company” or “employee”, what does this apply?

This means that if you select, for example, 50 minutes per month and check for “company”, the company will be billed for additional massages the employee may have to use that exceed 50 minutes. If you choose “employee”, the employee himself will have to enter his own card to pay for treatments that exceed 50 minutes

From when is the invoice period counted and when will we receive the invoice?

The invoice period runs from 01-31 per month, and the invoice will be sent out within a few days after the invoice period ends.