Anja and Gro Hammerseng-Edin

Our ambassadors, Anja and Gro Hammerseng-Edin, love massage. During their time as top athletes and now as busy parents of young children, they have enjoyed regular massages as an essential part of their everyday lives. Watch the video below to see why these handball stars have chosen to enter into a long-term partnership with Squeeze.

Massage as a Habit in Everyday Life

Throughout their careers as professional handball players, massage played a central and important role for Anja and Gro in reducing body aches and improving recovery.
They have carried this habit into life after their peak sports career and into the hectic life of parenting toddlers.

Massage for recovery after handball has now been replaced by a timeout that provides well-being and self-care.

The best thing about Squeeze is that it’s so simple, the quality is so good, and you can easily make it part of your everyday life.
- Gro Hammerseng-Edin

Get to Know Squeeze

Since its inception in 2018, Squeeze has worked to make massage accessible to more people. Today, we are Norway’s leading provider of professional massage, with over 30 locations in and around Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Drammen, and Ski.

Our dedicated team of over 150 highly skilled massage therapists serves more than 10,000 guests each month. We are passionate about giving you a great experience and a well-deserved timeout every time you visit us.

Our vision is clear: We want to make professional massage accessible to everyone.

Meet Some of Our Massage Therapists


Massage Therapist

“I believe that the pause and presence massage provides can have incredible healing power, both physically and psychologically, something I see in my clients.”


Massage therapist and clinic manager

“What drives me is how I can help with massage and the big difference in how people feel after finishing treatment.”


Massage Therapist

“The most rewarding thing in my job is seeing clients achieve optimal health and wellness through massage. It relaxes and dissolves stiff muscles and aches.”

How Squeeze Works

Book your desired time at any of our locations in Norway.

Arrive at the appointed time and sit in the waiting room.

A therapist picks you up when it’s your turn for a massage.

Relax completely and enjoy the massage; you deserve it.